Education initiatives

The Milano Metropolitana safety project foresees a series of social, educational and cultural training events organised with the collaboration of the ASAPS Foundation and Ducati, aimed at promoting road safety education meetings targeted at young people, from the youngest to those about to obtain the driving licence.

The aim of the initiative is to educate young drivers about a correct driving behaviour, conveying awareness of the risks associated with wrong actions and with the related responsibilities.

Ducati Kids

A few days introducing road safety issues, “Ducati Kids Days”, are foreseen for children (0-6 years): a recreational training and entertainment event distributed in the local area, aimed at involving the whole family by offering a weekend intended for kids and road safety by using mini-motorbikes, electric motorbikes or pedal motorbikes on circuits with signs for educational purposes.

Road safety

The older ones (6-18 years) will be involved in classroom activities with lectures on road safety held by the staff of the ASAPS Foundation. They will focus on the obligations and prohibitions of Traffic Code and will aim at discovering the main factors related to road accidents, the effects of drugs and alcohol and the correct behaviour in case of road accidents.

Testimonies of families of the victims of road accidents will complete the training, as well as the participation of skilled Ducati testimonials which will bring their contribution oriented to topics such as:

Road safety and education: “races are run on the track”;

The setting up of a motorbike (tyres, suspension, traction control etc.);

Diagnostics on state-of-the-art motorbikes.

Ducati fisica in moto

Events will also be held at the “Ducati Fisica in Moto” center where high school students will immerse themselves in the “Physics in Motion” laboratory and where they will discover the reality and beauty of the physical principles that guide engineers and technicians in the creation of ever safer motorcycles.