The project

Città Metropolitana di Milano promotes an integrated road safety project aimed at reducing accidents, protecting pedestrians and cyclists and monitoring rest areas to combat degradation in urban areas.

Since 1998, Città Metropolitana di Milano has embraced and promoted several actions to improve road safety standards and optimise resources and equipment on the field.

Our aim: zero accidents on our roads

Nowadays, to reach the European 2030 goal aimed at achieving zero casualties from road accidents, Città Metropolitana is launching a safety project including the renewal of infrastructures, thanks to pioneering technologies, as well as several information and awareness-raising programmes on road safety, especially intended for young people.

The target of this project is the general public, both because of the major social, economic and productive implications of the road safety issue on the whole community (not only on the driver), and because of the widespread hostility towards the penalty mechanism for infringements.

133 municipalities

The relevant road users considered refer to the 133 municipalities of the Città Metropolitana di Milano. This area is the most congested one in Italy and Europe, because of a high concentration of productive activities and daily traffic volumes, as well as one of the ten areas with the highest traffic volume.