The installation of the traffic light control system that the Metropolitan City of Milan has installed on the S.P. ex SS 525 del Brembo in the municipalities of Pozzo d’Adda and Vaprio d’Adda, as part of the Milan Metropolitan Safety Project, a multi-year plan developed by Safety21 and Municipia, has been completed.

In detail, will be active this new device for the control of passages with the red light located on the S.P. ex SS 525 del Brembo, between via Roma and via per Groppello – At the intersection with Via Roma, 100m from the Eni filling station

It is an IoT tool equipped with intelligent technology with low environmental impact, able to identify every step with the red light, to acquire images from the cameras present and to ascertain and document infringements in real time, respecting the privacy of citizens.

The planning of all the installations dedicated to road safety contributes to making the roads managed by the Metropolitan City even safer, thanks to a now widespread presence of smart devices that dialogue and interact with the Titan® ecosystem, the platform supplied to the Local Police that receives and manages information, data and images in the cloud useful for the detection of any infringements and for the scientific processing of traffic analysis.

All the initiatives of the Metropolitan City Safety Project are supported by a communication campaign aimed at raising awareness among road users towards a more responsible and correct behavior towards the territory and the environment.

For more details on the positioning of the devices and for updates on future interventions, simply consult the Detection Points section.